Terms & Conditions

DEFINITIONS In these Booking Conditions:

“Booking” means a booking for a Property.

“Booking Conditions” means the terms and conditions of these booking conditions, including the general notes.

“Contract” means the contract between You and Rusholme Retreat for the Selected Property as may be amended from time to time in writing between You and Rusholme Retreat

“Data Protection Legislation” means the DataProtection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (as applicable) and any other laws relating to the protection of personal data and the privacy of individuals.

“Owner” means Rusholme Retreat including “we”and “our”.

“Property” means any of the properties advertised on the Website and any third party agents

“Rental Fee” means the total fee for the Selected Property as set out on the Website or as otherwise agreed in writing including rental, heating, electricity, use of bed linen/towels (if supplied) and VAT if applicable but excluding any charges for additional services provided by Rusholme Retreat

“Rental Period” means the period of time for which You wish to rent the Selected Property as stated on the website, phone, or email

“Rusholme Retreat” means RBLC Rusholme Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11837037 whose registered office is The Robins, Rusholme Lane, Drax, North Yorkshire YO8 8PW

“Selected Property” means the Property

specified by You in a Booking.

“Website” means Rusholme Retreat’s Website at www.Rusholmeretreat.co.uk.

“You” means the person who makes a Booking.


1.1 Rusholme Retreat provides short term holiday rentals on behalf of RBLC Rusholme Limited (including the marketing, booking and liaising services)


2.1 The Contract for renting the Selected Property is between You and the Owner and it in corporates is subject to these Booking Conditions.

2.2 By making a Booking you are deemed to have made an offer to enter into a contract with the Owner for the letting of the Selected Property in accordance with the Booking Conditions.

2.3 The Booking will be deemed accepted and the Contract referable to the Booking will come into effect and be legally binding when Rusholme Retreat issues a confirmation form to you pursuant to condition 3.5.


3.1 You may make a Booking by

• Contacting Rusholme Retreat by telephone on01757 250249; or

• Sending an email giving details of your Booking requirements to Rusholme Retreat atinfo@rusholmeretreat.com; or

• Booking online at www.rusholmeretreat.co.uk

• Booking via a third party agent

3.2 The entire Rental Fee is payable at the same time as your Booking.

3.3 Rusholme Retreat will issue a Booking confirmation to you once you have either made a booking via the phone/email or you have successfully completed the online booking process and in all cases all money due at the time of Booking has been received in cleared funds. You should check the confirmation form carefully and notify Rusholme Retreat immediately in case of any discrepancy or mistake.

3.4 Rusholme Retreat may at any time accept bookings from other customers for theSelected Property prior to issuing the confirmation form.

3.5 If the Selected Property is unavailable for your selected Rental Period and Rusholme Retreat is unable to accept theBooking for this or any other reason, Rusholme Retreat will return all money received from you in full.


4.1 You may pay by credit card, debit card orBACS.

4.2 For Bookings made less than 3 weeks before the start date of the Rental Period, no credit card payments will be accepted, as payments must be made in cleared funds, i.e. by debit card or BACS.


5.1 If You cancel the accepted confirmed Booking for any reason, you must notify Rusholme Retreat in writing at the address stated in theseBooking Conditions.

5.2 A cancellation charge is payable depending on the number of days (or part thereof) before theRental Period start date that the notice of cancellation is received by Rusholme Retreat.The amount payable is set out below, where number of days refers to the number of days notice given at cancellation prior to RentalPeriod start date, and the Cost refers to the percentage of the Rental Fee of the SelectedProperty:

1–30 days 100% of the Rental Fee

31–60 days 50% of the Rental Fee

5.3 Please note that should a cancellation be made, the Owner shall be entitled to retain sums received from you in accordance with further condition 5.5

5.4 If the Selected Property which you have booked and which has been accepted becomes unavailable or unusable for any reason prior to the start of the Rental Period, Rusholme Retreat will use reasonable endeavours to find a suitable alternative Property. If an alternativeProperty is unavailable, you will be reimbursed any sums received from you in respect of theContract.

5.5 If you agree to take an alternative Property, you will be sent a confirmation form setting out details of the new Property, Rental Fee and Rental Period and you will be deemed to have entered into a new contract with the Owner of the new Property (deemed to be the SelectedProperty), such contract to have incorporated these Booking Conditions and you shall be liable to make payments in accordance with these Booking Conditions


6.1 The Rental Period commences, unless otherwise notified, at 4.00 pm on the day of arrival and terminates at 10.00 am on the day of departure.

6.2 On some Properties for a minimum stay of 2 nights at certain times of the year late departures may be available at Rusholme Retreat discretion for a fee.

6.3 Rusholme Retreat will notify you, once you have paid the Rental Fee in full, if a late departure is available and at what fee.

6.4 If your stay extends beyond the period of hire in condition 6.1, or such other period as expressly agreed under conditions 6.2 and 6.3, you may be subject to a charge for the additional time based on the applicable daily rate for theSelected Property.


7.1 Rusholme Retreat will endeavour, but is under no obligation, to consider a request from you to change the Rental Period after it has been confirmed and accepted. Such a request will only be accepted if:

• the Selected Property is available for the newRental period requested;

• you pay an administration fee, £42.00 (includingVAT) at time of publication but variable, and any sums due in respect of any higher prices for theSelected Property for the new dates.


8.1 You agree that the number of people staying in the Selected Property will not exceed the maximum number stipulated on the Website. In addition, infants under the age of 2 years at the start of the Rental Period may also stay if sleeping in a cot up to a maximum number of infants equal to the number of bedrooms at theSpecified Property.

8.2 You agree that theSelected Property will be used for personal and domestic purposes only.

8.3 You agree that theSelected Property will not be used for any commercial purposes without the written consent of Rusholme Retreat.

8.4 You agree that the Selected Property will not be used for any activity or in such a way that causes a nuisance or annoyance to neighbours of the SelectedProperty.

8.5 You and your guests will comply with any reasonable regulations relating to theSelected Property or the site within which theSelected Property is situated, which will be communicated to you upon/prior to your arrival at the Selected Property.

8.6 Smoking of tobacco in any form or E-cigarettes is not permitted within any property offered by Rusholme Retreat.


9.1 You agree to keep the Selected Property and its contents in the same condition and repair as found on your arrival at the Selected Property and shall procure that your guests shall also take such care of the Selected Property and its contents.

9.2 For nearly every Selected Property the Owner has agreed a Damage Waiver policy which means the costs of making good any loss or damage to the Selected Property and/or its contents caused through act or omission of You, any of your guests or accompanying animals up to a predetermined amount depending on the size of the Selected Property will not be recoverable from You. This amount will be specified in the booking confirmation. Where any such damage so caused exceeds this amount, You agree to pay to Rusholme Retreat, upon written demand, any reasonable costs incurred in making good any such loss or damage above the predetermined amount.

9.3 If the selected Property is not covered by aDamage Waiver policy, You may be required by the Owner to pay a security deposit at the time of booking. If this applies to the Selected Property you will be advised of the amount at the time of Booking. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the Rental Period (less any reasonable costs for breakages, damage etc. if applicable).

9.4 You shall abide by all instructions with regard to the use of theSelected Property and its fixtures and fittings as notified to You by Rusholme Retreat from time to time.

9.5 You must ensure that the SelectedProperty is left in a clean and tidy condition on your departure at the end of the Rental Period(including cleaning up after any animals which you have been permitted to bring to theSelected Property). Rusholme Retreat may charge you for the reasonable costs of any additional cleaning if this is reasonably considered necessary.


10.1 Dogs are welcome in some Properties, but there is a charge for taking pets, to help cover the cost of housekeeping. For details please contact Rusholme Retreat or visit the Website.You should check the Selected Property details and specify that you wish to bring a dog or dogs at the time of Booking so that Rusholme Retreat can confirm whether or not this will be permitted.

10.2 Registered guide and hearing dogs belonging to those with visual and hearing impairments are allowed in all Properties at no extra charge, even where the Property description states that dogs are not allowed.

10.3 You must ensure that: Dogs are properly controlled and supervised at all times; dogs are not to be left unattended at the SelectedProperty; and dogs are not allowed in any of the bedrooms or on any of the furniture. You are advised to bring a pet basket.

10.4 Guests with allergies should be aware that the Owner cannot guarantee that there have been no dogs at the Selected Property, nor (subject to condition 14.2) does the Owner accept any liability for any suffering which may occur as a result of such pets having been present.


Rusholme Retreat shall have the right of entry to the Selected Property at all reasonable times, except in an emergency where immediate access may be required, for the purposes of inspection or to carry out any necessary repairs or maintenance.


12.1 Rusholme Retreat reserve the right to refuse Bookings from: a) groups of people under the age of 21; and/or b) hen or stag parties.

12.2You must inform Rusholme Retreat at the time of Booking if your party falls in condition 12.1(a)and/or 12.1(b).

12.3 Rusholme Retreat reserve the right to terminate a Contract without prejudice to any rights and remedies accrued by Rusholme Retreat or You which shall remain following termination and ask You and your guests to leave the Selected Property immediately if it is deemed necessary by Rusholme Retreat as a result of your behaviour or that of any of your guests or any other material breach of these Booking Conditions.

12.4 In the event that your Contract is terminated in accordance with condition 12.3, the Owner reserves the right not to refund to you any part of the Rental Fee in respect of the shortened Rental Period.


13.1 Should there be any cause for complaint during your stay in the Selected Property, you should notify Rusholme Retreat promptly and describe the nature of the complaint. Rusholme Retreat will use its reasonable endeavours to resolve any complaints.

13.2 Within the property there will be the telephone number of the housekeeper of the Property, who you can contact in the event that you have a problem with the Property.

13.3 If the housekeeper is unavailable, please contact Rusholme Retreat on 01757 250249.

13.4 If you wish to make a complaint after your Rental Period has ended please do so to Rusholme Retreat in writing within a reasonable period but note that compensation cannot be offered where a complaint has not been raised during your stay.


14.1 Nothing in these Booking Conditions shall limit or exclude the liability of the Owner or Rusholme Retreat for death or personal injury resulting from its negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for any liability which cannot be excluded by law.

14.2 Subject to condition 14.1 all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the extent permitted by law, excluded from the Contract.

14.3 Subject to condition 14.1 Rusholme Retreat shall not be liable for any actual or alleged indirect or consequential loss howsoever arising suffered by You, or for any loss (either direct or indirect) of profits, anticipated profits, savings, business or opportunity or loss of publicity or loss of reputation or opportunity to enhance reputation or any other sort of economic loss.

14.4 Subject as stated in condition 14.1, the aggregate liability of the Rusholme Retreat toYou for breach of contract, misrepresentation, in tort or otherwise arising under or in connection with the Contract shall be limited to damages not exceeding three times the total amount of the Rental Fee received from You.


15.1 Rusholme Retreat shall not be liable for any delay or nonperformance of their obligations under the Contract to the extent that the performance is interrupted or prevented by any act or omission beyond its reasonable control.Rusholme Retreat shall as soon as reasonably practicable upon it becoming aware of the same notify You.


16.1 For the purposes of this clause, capitalised terms not defined elsewhere in this Contract shall have the meaning set out in the DataProtection Legislation.

16.2 Rusholme Retreat will comply with the Data Protection Legislation and any directions issued by the Information Commissioner in the processing of such Personal Data.

16.3 To the extent that Rusholme Retreat is a Processor, You agree that Rusholme Retreat may Process the relevant Personal Data and may need to pass your Personal Data on to third parties and organisations who need to know them so that the Booking can be provided.

16.4 When acting as a Processor, in relation to the Booking and the Contract, Rusholme Retreat shall: 16.4.1 Process the Personal Data only to the extent necessary for the purpose of providing the services and in accordance with any written instructions from You and thisClause 16; 16.4.2 implement and maintain appropriate technical and organisational measures in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risks that are presented by such Processing, in particular from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or access to Personal Data, taking into account the state of the art, the costs of implementation, the nature, scope, context and purposes ofProcessing and the likelihood and severity of risk in relation to the rights and freedoms of theData Subjects; 16.4.3 not transfer the PersonalData outside of the EEA unless adequate levels of protection are in place; 16.4.4 ensure that any employees or other persons authorised toProcess the Personal Data are subject to appropriate obligations of confidentiality; 16.4.5not engage any third party to carry out itsProcessing obligations other than by way of a written contract which confirms that such third party will, at all times during the engagement, be subject to Processing obligations which comply with the Data Protection Legislation;16.4.6 as soon as reasonably possible and without undue delay notify You about any request (including subject access requests) or complaint received from Data Subjects without responding to that request (unless authorised todo so by You) and assist You by technical and organisational measures, insofar as possible for the fulfilment of your obligations in respect of such requests and complaints at its then-current rates; 16.4.7 notify You without undue delay as soon as Rusholme Retreat becomes aware of any relevant breach in data security;16.4.8 maintain appropriate records and information in compliance with DataProtection Legislation and on request by You, make available such records and information necessary to demonstrate Rusholme Retreat’s compliance with this Clause 16 and otherwise permit, and contribute to, audits carried out byYou (or Your authorised representative) at its then-current rates; and 16.4.9 on termination or expiry of this Contract, destroy or return (asYou direct) all relevant Personal Data in its power, possession or control and delete all existing copies of such data except to the extent it is required to retain a copy of thePersonal Data by law.

16.5 You acknowledge that Rusholme Retreat may also Process and store your personal details for its own administration, market analyses and operational reviews.

16.6 You consent to Rusholme Retreat appointing the third partyProcessors needed to complete the relevantBookings.

16.7 You acknowledge that Rusholme Retreat will collect name, address, email and other contact details (as well as bank details, in some cases) in order to complete the Booking, and that Rusholme Retreat’s Processing of such Personal Data shall continue for the duration of this Contract.

16.8 Full information on how Rusholme Retreat will use your personal data is available in our privacy policy on the Website


17.1 If any provision of the Contract (or part of any provision) is found by any court or other authority of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, that provision or part-provision shall, to the extent required, be deemed not to form part of the Contract, and the validity and enforceability of the other provisions of the Contract shall not be affected.

17.2 You shall not, without the prior written consent of Rusholme Retreat, assign or transfer, or deal in any other manner with all or any of your rights or obligations under thisContract.

17.3 A person (other than Rusholme Retreat) who is not a party to this Contract shall not have any rights under or in connection with it.

17.4 The Contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance withEnglish law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts

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